How Can I Find The Best Loads

Limited Offer: Breakthrough How-To Instructions For Financial Freedom Elite Truck Drivers ONLY!
June 22, 2021
Limited Offer: Breakthrough How-To Instructions For Financial Freedom Elite Truck Drivers ONLY!
June 22, 2021

How Can I Find The Best Loads

If you were given a chance to make life more simple, work less frustrating, and Success much easier to achieve, would you take the chance? Of course, you would. It would be crazy to pass up an opportunity to improve your life in so many ways easily.

BH Trans can give you this opportunity. Independent drivers can secure better loads, work with a highly professional dispatch team, and reap additional benefits just by partnering with us. We are a company dedicated to the success of our drivers because we know when they succeed, so do we.

What BH Trans Offers Independent Drivers

BH Trans is a company founded by drivers that want to make a difference in the trucking industry. Our goal is to provide the best services to our independent and company drivers so that they can be successful and grow.

The trucking industry remains in high demand for qualified drivers. Success in this industry depends on these drivers having a professional team behind them while they do all the hard work moving the freight. When you have a good support system behind you, it is much easier to succeed in this industry.

BH Trans offers the following services to its independent driver partners:

– Skilled Dispatchers

Our dispatchers have been trained to seek out the best paying loads with the best time slots. We do not push our drivers to the limit when it comes to delivery times. We believe that this job should not require our drivers to be overtired and place themselves at risk while doing their job.

Our dispatchers will help make sure that you are moving freight as often as you like and in the area of the country you desire. We believe that by building this type of personal relationship with our drivers, everyone can benefit.

– Discounts

Owner-operators will benefit from the many discount programs that BH Trans offers its driving partners. From discounts on fuel to discounts on tires and other mechanical services, you will save money when you work with us.

Saving money on operating costs while increasing your income from high-paying loads is a great way to improve your finances and enjoy more success. These little things help BH Trans drivers enjoy their jobs more and reduce their stress levels.

Are You Ready To Join Our Team?

Owner-operators are encouraged to apply to BH Trans so that they can take advantage of these and many other benefits offered by our company. We are currently looking for professional drivers from all over the country that can move all different types of loads.

If you are ready to take your trucking career to the next level, apply to BH Trans today.