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Why truck owner operators are working with BH Trans?

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June 22, 2021

Why truck owner operators are working with BH Trans?

As a truck driver, you understand the appeal of working for yourself and being on the open road. You love being able to travel the country and see and experience things that you can only enjoy in this profession. You love the feel of the road and the hum of the tires on the pavement.

You do not love the stress of not finding a good load at a reasonable price, you don’t love the downtime and the constant hassle with people who try to take advantage of you. It becomes tiresome when you have to struggle to stay working and then fighting for a competitive price. At times, you wonder why you love this job so much when it can cause you to feel so frustrated.

We understand.

BH Trans was founded by truck owner-operators who wanted to establish a company that helps drivers achieve their goals. We want to help owner-operators secure top-paying loads. We wanted to provide truck owners with benefits that company drivers enjoy without surrendering their independence. We wanted to establish a company that will help independent drivers grow to operate their own fleets if they desire.

Why Owner Operators Choose BH Trans?

The trucking industry has a very high turnover rate compared to any profession. Some statistics show a turnover rate as high as 98 percent with some trucking companies. This is because many of these companies are focused on their own goals instead of focusing on the success of their owner operators and company drivers.

BH Trans has decided that this is not how they wish to conduct business. Our focus is on our owner operators and our drivers, and because of this, they are successful, and so are we.

BH Trans works with owner-operators as well as having company drivers. We pay above-market rates to our company drivers and our owner operators, so that they can benefit from working for our company. We also provide benefit packages, discount programs, and other benefits for being a part of the rapidly growing BH Trans family.

We work with our company drivers to help them develop skills and move on to becoming an successful owner-operator. We also work with our owner-operators to help them get the loads they want, run as much as they want, and hopefully progress to have a fleet of their own.

BH Trans was founded by drivers that have over a decade of experience in the industry. We have experienced first-hand how the industry works and know what works best for the drivers and owner operators. It has been our desire since we started BH Trans to create a driver-focused company that provides superior service to our clients while treating our drivers and owner operators as if they were our business partners.

If you are ready to work for a company with your best interests in mind, we encourage you to fill out an application to become a BH Trans owner operator or a driver. We are looking for independent truck drivers who can move any load, makes above average industry pay and grow with us.

We have multiple clients around the country that are continually in need of shipping solutions. We work with every type of trailer so that the needs of all of our clients are met.

If you are ready to make more than the average pay per load, enjoy benefits and discount programs, and work with a team that has your best interests in mind, contact the BH Trans HR Department today. We can be reached at 833-3-DRIVE-4 (833-337-4834), 224-999-9009 ext.2 or 224-319-0002 or you can apply at https://www.truckingnerds.com/owner-operators