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Flatbed trailers are often considered heavy-duty transportation trailers because of their ability to carry large pieces of equipment. The design of the trailer – just a solid base, allows for shipments to be loaded by crane from the top or from the sides of the trailer.

Standard flatbeds are 48 or 53 feet in length and are 8.5 feet wide. A standard trailer is still required to only carry up to 48,000 pounds maximum like a dry van and can have cargo that extends a little over the side to a width of 11.5 feet total. There are special types of flatbeds that are equipped to carry heavier and wider pieces.

The height of the cargo must not exceed DOT limits for the trailer, which is normally 8 feet high from the base of the trailer. For shipments that are taller than that, there are special flatbed trailers that can be used to accommodate the loads.

Flatbed trailers are most commonly used for large pieces of equipment or freight that must be loaded from the top or side of the vehicle. Since the freight will be exposed to the elements and road debris, it is important that all shipments are properly wrapped and protected.

StepDeck Trailers

A stepdeck trailer looks very similar to a regular flatbed. However, this type of trailer can allow the base of the trailer to be dropped down more on the chassis to accommodate taller loads.

A step-up trailer will allow the shipper to send items up to 10.2 feet tall as opposed to the standard 8 feet that a regular flatbed accommodates.

Stepdeck trailers are available in 48- and 53-foot lengths, with the most common trailer being 53 feet. These trailers are still required to stay within the 48,000-pound freight limit to remain DOT compliant for shipments.

LowBoys and Specialty Trailers

If you have an extra-large piece of equipment, either weight or width, specialty trailers can be used to accommodate the freight. LowBoys can hold large pieces of equipment like bulldozers and similar things, and some extended trailers can accommodate super large items like parts to a bridge. All of these specialty shipments may require special permitting, escort services and may only be able to move during daylight hours in some areas. Call for more information on specialty loads.

BH Trans Matches You To The Right Flatbed

If you have freight that needs to move by flatbed, BH Transportation will connect you to the right type of trailer for your needs. We have an extensive fleet of trailers that can help you move any type of oversized freight.

If you would like a quote for moving any type of freight on a flatbed, please contact BH Trans for an accurate and transparent quote. We will make sure that you get the right truck and meet your delivery times.

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