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A reefer or refrigerated trailer is the second most common trailer used on the roads. Built almost exactly like a dry van, these trailers are adapted to have refrigeration units attached so that cold products can be transported.

Reefer technology has significantly improved in the last decade, and more products are now able to travel longer distances in this type of trailer. In the past, the refrigeration units that were used would often keep one end of the trailer colder than the other. This led to some spoilage of product near the end where the doors opened. Now, reefer trucks have better systems that circulate the cooled air better for even cooling for longer distances.

Some reefer trucks have the capabilities to “map” or monitor the temperature of their loads through the entire shipping process. This is especially important for loads that contain products that must be maintained at a specific temperature without variations like some medicines and some chemicals.

Reefers can also run as dry vans when their loads do not require the refrigeration to be turned on. This helps keep freight moving across the country even when the load does not need refrigeration.

Reefers are generally designed to be the same size as a dry van. They normally load from the back, and the product is generally palletized. Some trailers may have a side door that is used for loading and unloading, but this is generally reserved for private trucks.

Reefers are regulated the same way as a dry van for the length and size of the trailer as well as the weight limits.

If the cold product being carried is a chemical, the trailer must be marked with the appropriate Haz-Mat placards.

Most Common Uses for Reefers

Reefers are generally used for short to medium hauls but can be used over long distances. The most common product shipped on a reefer is perishable foods. Frozen foods and fresh foods like meats and vegetables will be delivered in different shipments so that the temperature can remain at the right level for the shipment.

Other common uses for reefers include shipments of medications, temperature-sensitive chemicals, and some types of electronics. However, when a reefer is used for these types of products, they are usually listed under Haz-Mat, high value, or sensitive loads and not just reefer transportation.

BH Trans Has The Reefers You Need and Ready to go

BH Transportation is pleased to offer reefer transportation services. We have many different types of reefer trailers available to move your product. All of our trailers have high-quality temperature control so that you do not have to worry about your product arriving damaged or spoiled.

If you have any questions about moving refrigerated freight, you are encouraged to contact BH Trans to have all of your questions answered.

We can also provide you with a quick quote for our reefer transportation services.

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